Today In Bible Prophecy

There is by all accounts a great deal of disarray nowadays concerning Bible prediction. Today I might want to separate our Bible investigation into a few distinct segments. I accept on the off chance that we keep the examination in sequential request it will bode well. Since the Bible is filled from start to finish with predictions we may think about the latest predictions that were satisfied and the predictions yet to be satisfied.

The main segment we will take a gander at is how would we realize we are living in the most recent days? The subsequent segment will manage the latest satisfied Bible predictions. The third area will cover predictions concerning the removing of Gods individuals or what’s normally called the happiness. The fourth area will cover the predictions of the Great Tribulation. The fifth segment will cover the predictions of Jesus’ subsequent coming. Also, the last area will be the predictions of the multi year rule of Christ.

In this Bible investigation we will be taking a gander at only a couple of the predictions concerning every occasion.

There are a few predictions for every occasion and on the off chance that we recorded each prescience for every occasion it would be too tedious. First we have to discover what is the reason for Bible prediction? God says that nobody realizes the future with the exception of God and when the occasions expressed by God happen you may accept. We can see this in John 13:19, “Presently I let you know before it comes, that when it comes to pass, you may accept that I am He.”We additionally observe this in John 14:29, “And now I have let you know before it comes, that when it comes to pass, you may accept.”

Area 1, the Last Days

Next we are going to investigate the predictions concerning the most recent days to check whether we are undoubtedly living in the most recent days. The primary prescience we will take a gander at can be found in the Book of Daniel 12:4, “However you, Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book until the hour of the end; many will hurried forward and backward, and information will expand.” I picked this prediction since I trust it portrays the time we live in flawlessly. This section is stating that movement and learning will increment. With the creations of the space transport and the PC at no other time in our history could this prescience have been satisfied.

In 2 Peter 3:4 we read, “And saying, “Where is the guarantee of His coming? For since the dads nodded off, everything proceed as they were from the earliest starting point of creation.” I realize I have heard throughout the years a few distinct individuals state that the occasions that are transpiring currently are the same than the occasions that have been happening since the very beginning. I am certain my companions didn’t understand around then that they were satisfying Bible prediction.

These next stanzas portray the present breakdown of ethics in our general public today. In Romans 1:30-32 we read, “backbiters, haters of God, rough, pleased, blowhards, creators of fiendishness things, defiant to guardians, undiscerning, conniving, heartless, unforgiving, unmerciful; who, knowing the honorable judgment of God, that the individuals who practice such things are meriting demise, not exclusively do likewise yet in addition support of the individuals who practice them.”

In 2 Timothy 3:3 we read, “For men will be admirers of themselves, admirers of cash, braggarts, glad, blasphemers, insubordinate to guardians, unthankful, unholy, 3 heartless, unforgiving, slanderers, without discretion, ruthless, despisers of good,4 double crossers, tenacious, haughty, admirers of joy as opposed to admirers of God,”

As of late (July of 2015) the U.S. Incomparable Court sanctioned gay marriage. The Bible discloses to us that when homosexuality is never again covered up and out in the open pulverization is close. We can see this in both the hours of Noah and the hours of Lot. Both Noah and Lot experienced good breakdown in their social orders before the decimation happened upon them as should be obvious in Luke 17:27-29, “They ate, they drank, they wedded spouses, they were given in marriage, Request a prophetic word until the day that Noah entered the ark, and the flood came and pulverized them all. Similarly as it was likewise in the times of Lot: they ate, they drank, they purchased, they sold, they planted, they assembled; however on the day that Lot left Sodom it came down flame and brimstone from paradise and annihilated them all.”

It additionally states in Luke 17:26, “And as it was in the times of Noah, so it will be likewise in the times of the Son of Man.”We likewise observe this in Isaiah 3:9-11, “The expression on their face observers against them, and they pronounce their wrongdoing as Sodom; they don’t shroud it. Burden to their spirit! For they have brought detestable upon themselves. State to the upright that it will be well with them, for they will eat the product of their doings. Burden to the insidious! It will be sick with him, for the reward of his hands will be given him. The above section unmistakably demonstrates to us that God is unquestionably ready to convey the Godly from the indecent.