Mac Employee Monitoring Key Logger for Lion

One of the main problems in most companies is the low efficiency of employees. It is difficult to find out who is hindering or what is reducing employee efficiency, especially when it comes to office equipped with Mac OS X computers. One of the solutions is to install Mac Employee Monitoring Key Logger for Lion and determine if any problem exists and how serious it is.
Millions of dollars are lost every year to reduced productivity, and the numbers grow as more and more companies provide Internet access to their employees as a tool in their work. Studies have found that many employees are abusing their privilege by surfing, emailing friends, gaming, gambling, shopping and so forth while on the clock at their workplace.
The invisible Mac Employee Monitoring Key Logger for Lion allows you to track every trick on office Mac laptops, giving you the most complete information on what, how and when your employees performed. Mac Employee Monitoring Key Logger for Lion records keystrokes, websites, chat content, applications and captures screens of user activity.
You can monitor employees when they use office Mac laptops and surf Internet:
Stealth monitoring at startup of every user account
– Run automatically as user login
– Start to work in stealth mode
Record all keystrokes typed on office Mac computers
– Log applications, users and times (Standard)
– Log Passwords typed by users (Professional)
Record incoming and outgoing chat content of your employees
– Log chats from iChat/AIM/Adium/Skype/MSN
– Log messages, senders, applications and time of chats
Record website visits on the Mac computers
– Log websites visited from Safari, Firefox and Chrome
– Log URLs, applications, times and dates of every website
Record desktop screenshots in customizable interval
– Customizable desktop screenshot quality or compression
– Customizable desktop screenshot capturing interval
Timing log report delivery for remote checking
– Secretly send log reports to preset Email box
– Secretly upload log reports to specified FTP space
Easy-to-setup Employee Monitoring Key Logger for Lion
– Click-to-use and without installation
– One-click configuration for all user accounts on a Lion
Mac Employee Monitoring Key Logger for Lion allows organizations to monitor and examine the activity of their employees on Mac at minimal cost. If you want to stop a slacker employee from non-working, just inform your employees of the application’s existence. However, if you would only like to explore what or who is causing losses to the company, please let it take its course and stealthily record everything happened on the work laptops.