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Whole House Water Filter Replacement Cartridges Explained

Everyone knows that the need for whole house water filter replacement cartridges has risen along with the American public’s desire for better health. Concerns over the safety of public drinking water has grown as newspaper headlines report on the contaminants that plague our society. Filter replacement
Until recently, most of us were satisfied with a filtration device on the kitchen tap. But, allergy specialists, asthma specialists and researchers warn that showering in unfiltered water is neither safe nor cosmetically beneficial.
So, instead of having multiple units all around the house, many of us have opted for whole house filters and so we search for whole house water filter replacement cartridges. In a good unit, it is usually the pre-filtration step that require more frequent replacement. The main filtering device in a top notch unit can last for about three years.
So, it’s the pre-filters that you would usually be looking for, since the main filter of a top ranked filter unit would have a long life. When looking for whole house water filter replacement cartridges, some people think they will be able to save some money, even though the filters are relatively inexpensive. Much cheaper than the accumulated cost of bottled water in fact.
But, often people do some searching looking for a cheaper filter.
Now I’m as frugal as the next guy, but trust me this is not where you want to look to save a buck!
Lets remember why we have those filter units anyway, and that’s to save our health and the health of our families from the dangerous contaminants in our water supplies. Contaminants such as chlorine that the EPA has linked to Cancer, but still allows to be used to process drinking water.
Studies by doctors and researchers have found that chlorine vapors trigger asthma attacks in addition to being linked to cancer. They have also found that the levels of chlorine in the shower are higher than what is considered safe to swim in, due to the heat vaporizing the water.
This is made worse by the fact that the EPA standards only apply to adults. If the treatment facilities used the guidelines for children, they would have to find another way to “disinfect” your water supply.
Now imagine that your daughter has asthma, and this is in fact a very common condition among people and sadly growing among children. So this is actually the reality for many people.
Then, consider if you had bought whole house water filter replacement cartridges that were not up to your manufacturers standards. Not only would the unit now not be able to remove its rated amount of this dangerous contaminant but, your child’s asthma would be at risk of triggering and causing hospitalization. This doesn’t even count the cancer risk not only to your child but your entire family.
According to the U.S. Council of Environmental Quality that cancer risk is “as much as 93% higher than among those whose water does not contain chlorine.”
I don’t know about you but the last time I checked biopsies, surgery and chemotherapy were much more expensive than the 10 spot you might save initially buying a cheaper grade filter.
There are however a few ways you can save on the price of a proper replacement filter. One is that you can buy direct from the manufacturer. With some top companies there are options available for you to save money.